Ways to Create an Impressive Office Area

Make your reception area impressive with our top tips

Clients will often visit your place of work and this is your chance to make the right first impression. The reception area will give them an idea of the success, wealth and dedication of your company, so read our tips to see how you can make your reception area give off good impressions.

Take your business to the next level.

Think about the interior design

Keeping these design basics in mind will help you to decorate your reception area.

Space is important. You must remove any clutter to create a cleaner look. You can also buy smaller and less furniture, especially where space is minimal.

Changing the colour is an inexpensive way of bettering the area. The reception’s mission is to welcome clients and business, which is why we recommend choosing a warm colour. Coloured accents can be a superb way of adding energy to the room. Warm Colours.

Your lighting must be perfect. Get rid of those high fluorescent lighting and opt for natural lighting. Not only is this better looking, it is much more inviting. We also recommend daylight bulbs.

Keeping it clean will also welcome people in and give a good impression. Cleaning can be really tiring and requires a lot of effort, which is why Di’s Cleaning offers cleaning services in Brisbane and local areas. They have a team who are passionate about what they do. Click here to hire cleaning services.

Reception Staff

It is important that the staff you have at your reception area are presentable, professional and attentive. See tips here.

The way the staff presents themselves will reflect you and your business. Not only does this apply to your reception staff, but all employees.

Easy Access

Automatic Doors

People like things to be easy for them, which is why an automatic door has a host of benefits for your business. This will also allow access to everybody, including those in wheelchairs.

Having automatic doors can also improve the public’s perception of you. It may give the impression that your business is state-of-the-art and is industry-leading, meaning you can offer a more professional service.

There are many different types of automatic doors available, such as sliding doors, swing and revolving doors. Click here for benefits.

Access Control System

Installing an access control system is another great way to allow authorised people into the building. This can include cards, fobs or fingerprints. This prevents any uncertified persons from entering the office and posing a threat to employees, equipment and data.

These can be integrated with CCTV systems, fire / intruder alarms and car park barriers.

All of these tips can help you grow your business. Find out more.