Getting The Best From Your Office

Clean + tidy office environment

Opt for a green cleaning, eco-friendly office cleaning service

Many cleaning solutions are classified as dangerous by the use of potentially toxic chemicals.

Often in spray bottles, tiny particles become airborne and can stay in the air for days (until you breathe them in.) Wiped across a desk, chemical traces can persist and are may be absorbed when someone touches it. Moreover, the manufacture of these chemicals depletes our natural resources and the products from their use cause toxic run-off into our water supply. Read more.

They are often difficult to dispose of and do not biodegrade.

Switching to green, eco cleaning will immediately remove these toxins from your offices. As professionals cleaning system should leave your office sparkling clean and yet use no harsh chemicals or toxins. They should also take every effort to Recycle, Reduce and Reuse – The 3 Rs of sustainability.

Talk to your local office cleaning company and see what services they can provide you. Another thing to discuss is prices, especially one you can afford and with the best practices, but without harming people or the planet.

For example, Veri Clean is a highly established, environmentally friendly cleaning agency based in Croydon. Their services are tailored to each individual company and their team works hard to create highly satisfied office cleaning solutions. Click here for Croydon office cleaning solutions. 

Environmental Office Cleaning Policy

Many companies understand how their activities affect the environment and are often looking for solutions to solve this.

Get to know the team and ask if they are committed to act in such a way that any adverse environmental impacts will be minimised and any positive ones maximised. This will help you decide if this is the right cleaning company for your business.

So, for example, are they committed to: 

  • Recycling and reducing waste
  • Using chemicals which are not harmful to the environment
  • Reducing consumption of resources (power, fuel & materials)
  • Minimising travel – do cleaners all live close to their workplaces?


Ask about what environmental training has been involved. Quite often, for them to deliver the quality of service, customers require properly trained & skilled staff who are equipped to do the job. Most staff training programmes are the cornerstones of this. An impressive induction package helps cleaners settle in and whilst they often learn from them, members also retrain to remove any bad habits they may have developed. See what training is involved.