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AOL makes it a policy of theirs to always review its prices and make sure they are reasonable in a competitive market. AOL checks the prices of competitors’ rates to make sure its own rates are even better, so that you can rest assured you are getting the most for your money.

For example, when calling from a landline to a mobile, many networks will charge you a high rate. With AOL they have very reasonable call charges to some of the most popular mobile phone networks from Vodafone to Orange, O2 and T-Mobile. With very reasonable daytime, evening and weekend rates to these numbers you won’t need to worry about paying sky high prices just to keep in touch with your friends.

You can do even better with AOL’s mobile saver package which shaves a further 25% off these prices. This package gives you a huge discount on calls to the major UK mobile networks and this discount is taken off these already competitive prices.


When you sign up for AOL home phone services, you can get huge savings because connection fees are very low at only a few pence. This is only charged on chargeable calls, rather than inclusive calls which come as a part of your AOL Talk package.

AOL bundles many of its home phone deals with its broadband internet services. Depending on which one you take, you can get free calls at certain times of the week. The most basic bundle offers free evening and weekend calls, meaning you can call any UK landline number at these times and not rack up any charges. Even better, these calls incur no connection fee. This is the perfect package for people who do not often use their landline in daytime hours, instead only making their calls in the evenings or weekends. If your work schedule is mainly based in the week, this is the perfect package as you will rarely be making calls in the peak time hours.

With AOL you can also take line rental instead of using BT for this. This means that all your monthly bills come in one payment rather than from different companies, making life much simpler. With AOL you can always be assured that your phone set up will be simple and hassle free, and that there is always a customer service there to support you if you have any queries or problems. With this comprehensive service, you know you are getting value for money with AOL. There are also upgrade options if you feel you want a little bit more from AOL, such as bundling your broadband in with your AOL home phone deal.