What are the cabling standards?

Cabling standards?

Cabling standards allows for every component associated with laying down cables to be the same so that there is no difference in equipment used for any building that needs to have cabling done.

This creates a universal set of rules and guidelines and equipment for any cabling scenario so that the job for a certain kind of cabling requirement is the same for everyone.

It is similar to non-iPhone phone chargers where the cables are made to fit any phone to charge them. It is like that but on a bigger scale as there need to be common media used as well as common connectors to make components universal.

There are three main cabling standards:


For each data size, this standard sets out the types of cables to be used on each occasion so that the same result is achieved. However, this is a US standard.

ISO/IEC 11801

This is an international standard so it applies to cabling done all over the world.

This provides a more detailed set of standards that outline what cabling should be used universally by everyone involved in cabling in homes, offices, industrial estates and data centres.

 BS EN 50173

This standard applies to Britain. This sets out its own rules for cabling used in homes, offices, industrial estates and data centres. Read more at ACCL.


A Guide for Starting a New Business in a Successful Way


Starting a new business can be a lot of hard work. It has to set a sense of standard so customers or clients who come in leave with a good impression and this possibly recommend your company to others.

Presentation in a business is very important and this requires you to make sure things are clean, tidy and neat. For that you may want help and Emmit Builders could be of use. They are Specialists in Office Refurbishments, Renovations & Commercial Fit Outs.

Today in this fast moving world, almost all wish to engage themselves in something interesting, challenging and with money earning capabilities. Many people are passionate and obsessed at starting their own business. Though they have the ability, skills and talents, something that gets them struck with is, how to begin with, what type of business to do and how to advertise.

The modern world that is influenced with internet technology today has paved infinitive ways for the newbie who are determined at starting new businesses. Besides thinking about starting your own businesses, there are also large and reputable companies that create business opportunities with small investment.

Such companies are giving the opportunity to take the franchises and begin the business in their locality as they wish. This is one of the best ways of starting a new business, as the company they have chosen to take franchises already has a great reputation in the market and the need for marketing or advertising to boost the business and revenues.

Starting a new business

Some people may want to start up with a new business with small investment but having huge growing capabilities. However, if one wants to be successful in the business, then the most important thing to consider is to hire professionals and staffs who are experienced and dedicated. Take a look at tips here.

A good support team can help grow your business as aimed. Besides, you must plan your business in a proper way. A perfect plan can help you make every move in the business in a successful way, without the risk for loss. Anyone would want to continue doing the business with less risk for loss. Therefore, before you begin with the new business, it is important to plan, analyze and implement the techniques and business ideas in the right manner. Market trends.

However, the fundamental and important thing to be considered before you start with a new business is raising enough funds. Capital investment is the foremost element which anyone must plan before beginning with business ideas.

Enough capital is essential to initiate and help your business grow well. Moreover, it is only with enough capital that you can plan your ideas, take decisions promptly and involve in promotional activities.

What should be considered?

There are also other aspects to be considered while you start up with new business. Try to maintain a proper record keeping system. You must be always aware of the current trends in the market, what is expected by the customers and how well can you satisfy your staffs to encourage and motivate them to work with dedication.

Besides all, finding the right location for your business is very important. However, today the online marketing has given a great opportunity to exhibit your business to the entire world.

As well as hiring your staff, you may also need to hire office cleaners, waste collection and a property maintenance team. This applies when not renting a serviced office.

Business Meetings

Online Magazine Store- The best Way to find your Favourite Magazine

Magazines are one of the best ways to spread awareness in the society about the current and social affairs. Magazines are published from various industries in different languages such as fashion industry, sports industry, music industry, etc.

Magazines are one of the best ways to spread awareness in the society about the current and social affairs. Magazines are published from various industries in different languages such as fashion industry, sports industry, music industry, etc.

There are number of distribution channels used to sell these magazines like newsstands book stores, vendors, online book shops or through free distribution at selected pick-up locations. Online book shop provides vast information and updates about the different industries to its readers. Nowadays, magazine subscriptions help the magazine enthusiasts to subscribe to their favorite magazines at discounted rates.

There are online magazine stores that provide best deals for online magazine subscriptions. The wide range of popular magazines such as fashion magazines, entertainment magazines, health magazines, business magazines, sports magazines etc. are available with great deals and discounts There is a varioty of information online on how to learn more about the Secretes to effective magazine advertising.

Business planning is very important
Business planning is very important

Magazine subscriptions provided by different online stores also give free gifts and accessories along with the chosen subscription of magazine. Fashion magazines are the imperative source of the latest fashion trends and many popular fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle and Vogue have lustrous and well-designed pages.

These magazines also have illustrated images of fashionably clothed models, fashion accessories advertisements and provide latest information on beauty products. Nowadays, through these online book stores, magazines can be send as a gift to family or friends. These magazines can be delivered at the address without any extra charges.

The systematically categorized online magazine stores provide with a vast variety of magazines, through various categories related to fashion, music, sports, photography, etc. A particular magazine can also be searched with the help the search facility available at these online stores.

Searching for magazines at an online store is more feasible and less time consuming as compared to physically searching them at shops or bookstores. Some of the best deals and offers for fashion magazines subscriptions, along with other magazines, are available at online stores, which can help subscribed readers to get their favourite magazines without any extra shipping charges.

Business news

AOL makes it a policy of theirs to always review its prices and make sure they are reasonable in a competitive market. AOL checks the prices of competitors’ rates to make sure its own rates are even better, so that you can rest assured you are getting the most for your money.

For example, when calling from a landline to a mobile, many networks will charge you a high rate. With AOL they have very reasonable call charges to some of the most popular mobile phone networks from Vodafone to Orange, O2 and T-Mobile. With very reasonable daytime, evening and weekend rates to these numbers you won’t need to worry about paying sky high prices just to keep in touch with your friends.

You can do even better with AOL’s mobile saver package which shaves a further 25% off these prices. This package gives you a huge discount on calls to the major UK mobile networks and this discount is taken off these already competitive prices.


When you sign up for AOL home phone services, you can get huge savings because connection fees are very low at only a few pence. This is only charged on chargeable calls, rather than inclusive calls which come as a part of your AOL Talk package.

AOL bundles many of its home phone deals with its broadband internet services. Depending on which one you take, you can get free calls at certain times of the week. The most basic bundle offers free evening and weekend calls, meaning you can call any UK landline number at these times and not rack up any charges. Even better, these calls incur no connection fee. This is the perfect package for people who do not often use their landline in daytime hours, instead only making their calls in the evenings or weekends. If your work schedule is mainly based in the week, this is the perfect package as you will rarely be making calls in the peak time hours.

With AOL you can also take line rental instead of using BT for this. This means that all your monthly bills come in one payment rather than from different companies, making life much simpler. With AOL you can always be assured that your phone set up will be simple and hassle free, and that there is always a customer service there to support you if you have any queries or problems. With this comprehensive service, you know you are getting value for money with AOL. There are also upgrade options if you feel you want a little bit more from AOL, such as bundling your broadband in with your AOL home phone deal.

Things you need to know about running your Business

Running a Business


Where is your business going?

What are your strengths & weaknesses?

Where do you want it to go?

Do you need help?

You probably do!

Hammersmith and Fulham Council was to allow its 17,000 tenants and leaseholders to run businesses from their own homes. The authority is proposing changes that would make it one of the first shutters in the country to actively encourage tenants to set up on their own without shelling out for costly office space.

Tenancy agreements currently prevent many of the country’s eight million social housing tenants from using their home for any form of trade or business and H&F Council has vowed to do away with the barmy rules to unleash a new generation of entrepreneurs in the age of austerity.

A popular fish and chip shop has reopened just over a year after it was gutted by fire.

Things you should consider when trying to improve your business are:

Strategic Planning and Management

Management and management systems audit and design

Competitor identification and analysis

We are management professionals, supported by highly successful business associates.

Business Cards
Business cards can be used as a way to promote your business