About Us

The Bucon Office SolutionAssociation was founded in January 2006 by eight family business leaders as a charity to help improve the potential of our family businesses and the lives of all those involved in them.

We knew from personal experience that almost none of the normal infrastructure that helps business existed for the unique form that is family business. Students at business courses were given little or no information about family businesses.

Lawyers, accountants, bankers had little opportunity to learn how to best advise those who led family businesses. Government at all levels – EU, UK, Scotland, and regional – made barely any reference to the sector; their economic development and regeneration strategies did not take into account the importance of family businesses to the country.

The media’s representation of family businesses either exaggerated the Dallas-type feuding in family enterprises or ignored them completely.

Finally, the family business owners and leaders themselves had little or no understanding of the unique and challenging issues that the sector faces, and thus didn’t prepare for eventualities.